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Actor Care® for the Creative Process

Actor CareŽ for the Creative Process
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Online Presentation via ZOOM

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 11:00-12:00 PM EST:  Click here to register

Actor Care®  is a model for developing emotionally complex/challenging characters. Using somatic and cognitive activities, this introductory session will demonstrate to actors and educators:
  • Resilience activities
  • How to create & maintain effective boundaries
  • Tools for deconstructing/constructing a characters complex emotions
  • A two-step model that empowers the actor on their creative journey that reveals complex inner narratives and motivations for their character 

About the Presentation Facilitator

Alan Powell created Actor Care® to accommodate our new understanding of trauma and how it can and should be informing the acting process and the development of characters. He now supports actors’ resilience and vulnerability in the creative process as an Actor Care Specialist. He works with groups in education and production as well as privately with actors who want to develop a healthier/self-care approach to their work.