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Patient Eligibility

The Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre welcomes all professional artists across all fields of practice. A professional artist is one who, over the past 18 months, has either:

  1. Been represented or recognized by arts institutions or publications with respect to their art;
  2. Presented work in publications and/or presentations;
  3. Been involved in the production of creative or performance art shows, art exhibitions, or arts media and entertainment;
  4. Promoted or engaged with artistic activities as an arts worker, arts educator, or arts student; or
  5. Is currently receiving or teaching a specialized training in an artistic discipline in a recognized institution.

The types of art disciplines of professional artists include:

Dance, Circus Arts, Deaf and Disability Arts, Digital Arts, Literature, Media Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Music and Sound

We follow the definitions of ‘professional artist’ and ‘fields of practice’ outlined by the Canada Council for the Arts. To learn more about whether you meet these criteria, visit